Relaxing Day on the SF Bay Peninsula…

Decided to just drive around to some old sights and do a little shopping today. We were both to tired from a lack of sleep on Monday before our flights and all the BS with the flight delays getting out of Chicago.


So, we went down to Los Altos to a terrific bakery for a late morning snack before crossing over the peninsula ridge on La Honda Road (CA-84) to San Gregorio Beach and drove north on Cabrillo Highway (CA-1).


Stopping in Daly City to check out a couple of Marianne’s favorite stores before heading back to the hotel to relax a bit before dinner…

First Evening in San Francisco…

After all the delays getting from Chicago to San Francisco, we decided to just grab some late lunch, check into our hotel and then just go out to dinner with our friend Steve Lipman.  I had nearly killed the battery on the phone, so no map of our evening drive down to Moss Beach Distillery for dinner and back, but it was no big trip anyway.  Now, since we have been up for nearly 21 hours, it is time to head to bed and get some sleep….

From this post until we arrive in Hawaii, all posts are in Pacific Daylight Time.  Previous posts should be in either EDT or CDT, I lost track….

Departure in less than a week!!

Well, a week from today will be our one full day in the San Francisco Bay area.  Still deciding on three possibilities for spending our time:

1:  Travel north of the Golden Gate Bridge, explore the area around Muir Woods and Mt. Tamalpais then wander around Sausalito.

2:  Take the long drive south below Monterey, along the Big Surprise coastline as far south as San Simeon/Cambria before turning inland to drive back up Route 101 to return to South San Francisco.

3:  Explore the Tourist Sites in San Francisco proper… After four round trips, we have only been to downtown San Francisco once, in 2013, when we went to dinner with Steve Lipman. If Steve can work out the free time, we are hoping he will play the role of tour guide to hit the tourist sites this trip…

Thoughts, ideas and suggestions appreciated….

Travel Preparations Commence….

Well, for my faithful followers, it is once again time to start working on plans for Hawai’i Travels. We have booked our vacation package and associated airfare and accommodations in the San Francisco area for our trip this spring. We are departing on Tuesday, April 28th for two nights in San Francisco before heading to O’ahu on April 30th.

We will be staying at the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of O’ahu for 6 nights, then headed over to the Sheraton Kona Resort at Keauhou Bay, just south of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i for 7 nights.

We then return to San Francisco for two nights on May 13th, with our final flight back home on Friday, May 15th.

Travel Review: May 22, 2013, Part II: San Francisco Bay Peninsula Upcountry

After leaving the Golden Gate National Cemetery, we just decided to drive around and review some of the sights we have seen during past visits.  We drove down Skyline Blvd (CA Route 35) to La Honda Road, then down the ridge to the Portola Valley, Stanford and Palo Alto.  We then drove back up onto the ridge via Page Mill Road and returned north along Skyline Blvd, back to where we started, more or less 🙂 [sc:clickview ]

2013-05-22 Southern San Francisco Bay Area

Panorama of the San Francisco Bay Area, from South San Francisco to nearly San Jose.  Taken from the Scenic Viewpoint on Skyline Blvd (CA Route 35) just north of the Page Mill Road intersection.
Click on the photo to load a larger version you can scroll and view…