Gotta Love United Airlines….

Off to a rocky start this morning. United flight 624 (SFO > ORD) was canceled overnight, and we were rescheduled on flight 2052 which replaced it, departing one minute later.
However, even though it is a 757-200, it appears to be an international plane, with all the bed style first class seating. Therefore they lost a good 30-40 economy seats on an already full plane!!
I assume they rebooked on a first reserved basis, and since we booked in January to a nearly empty plane, we at least got seats.
But, we lost the Economy Plus seats we paid for, which they say will be refunded to the credit card. I had to rebook Economy Plus seats, only to find out they were $40 more costly! Will be talking to United Customer Service about that one!!!
At least we are booked, albeit on an overstuffed aircraft, and will arrive in Chicago in time for our flight to Syracuse to get home tonight…

Fluffy White Clouds and Blue Waters

After nearly 4½ hours of nothing but clouds and ocean, we must be getting close to Honolulu.


View from 39,500 feet...

We have been flying at 39,500 feet (±300 feet) at an average speed of about 530mph, but just recently 1:45pm PDT or 10:45am HST), we started to drop altitude, so I assume we are approaching O’ahu.
(The flight attendant just announced we should be on the ground in about 30 minutes…)

Honolulu Bound

Left the hotel about 6:35am, dropped of rental car an boarded AirTrain to the terminal before 7:00am, baggage check and TSA Pre cleared before 7:20. Took us longer to make the walk all the way out to Gate 86 at the very end of Terminal 3, Concourse F.  Boarding starts at 8:25am, departure at 9:05am.


The nose of our Boeing 777 to take us to Honolulu.


The tail of our ride to Honolulu. Our seats (19H & 19J) are out of view, in front of the wing, on the other side of the plane.


SFO Terminal C, Concourse F, Gate 86. Long walk from Baggage Check (left orange icon) and TSA (middle red icon)

Relaxing Day on the SF Bay Peninsula…

Decided to just drive around to some old sights and do a little shopping today. We were both to tired from a lack of sleep on Monday before our flights and all the BS with the flight delays getting out of Chicago.


So, we went down to Los Altos to a terrific bakery for a late morning snack before crossing over the peninsula ridge on La Honda Road (CA-84) to San Gregorio Beach and drove north on Cabrillo Highway (CA-1).


Stopping in Daly City to check out a couple of Marianne’s favorite stores before heading back to the hotel to relax a bit before dinner…