First Evening in San Francisco…

After all the delays getting from Chicago to San Francisco, we decided to just grab some late lunch, check into our hotel and then just go out to dinner with our friend Steve Lipman.  I had nearly killed the battery on the phone, so no map of our evening drive down to Moss Beach Distillery for dinner and back, but it was no big trip anyway.  Now, since we have been up for nearly 21 hours, it is time to head to bed and get some sleep….

From this post until we arrive in Hawaii, all posts are in Pacific Daylight Time.  Previous posts should be in either EDT or CDT, I lost track….

Our Flight Track from Chicago to San Francisco

It may have taken us an extra couple hours to get out of Chicago, but we made good time me overall on the flight. Here is the map of out flight track from my phone via Google My Tracks

Created by Google My Tracks on Android

Colorado Rockies…

According to the information on the seat back TV map of our flight. We passed Vail Colorado in the Colorado Rockies about 2:20pm EDT (12:20pm MDT, or is Colorado still in central time?



Overall an uneventful flight, but the road has been a little bumpy at times.
Due to the flight delays, at least United gave everyone free access to the Direct TV feed 😉

And We Are Off, Sort Of…

We got out of the house about 3pm today, but had to make an elongated route to Syracuse to drop some stuff off in Camden.  But, just as we were getting to Camden, Marianne remembered we forgot some items that were important. So, we had to return to Rome when we were done in Camden to collect forgotten items…

So, we got back to the house about 4pm, but along the way the low tire pressure light came on, alerting us to a soft tire.  A couple days ago, I had found a couple nails in the driveway, so I was thinking we were headed for a flat tire.  Fortunately, a couple minutes later, the notification light went out, and when we got home, the tires all looked fine.

We open the garage overhead and go to the door to get into the house, and my key will not turn the lock, and neither will Marianne’s!  Must be a pin in the tumbler is stuck or something. Instead, we had to go around to the front door to get in.  Marianne got the forgotten items, and I tried to find some spray to lubricate the lock, but all I could find was carb cleaner, which did nothing…  But, our cat sitter can still get in through the front door, and he will try to get the lock working again while we are away….

You know how people say things come in threes? Well, we are hoping these are our “three problems” for this trip and it will be clear sailing (flying) going forward….

Tomorrow comes early, 3:30am wake up call for a 4:30am shuttle to the airport to catch our 6:00am flight to San Francisco via Chicago O’Hare, United Flights: UA3612 & UA1589