Gotta Love United Airlines….

Off to a rocky start this morning. United flight 624 (SFO > ORD) was canceled overnight, and we were rescheduled on flight 2052 which replaced it, departing one minute later.
However, even though it is a 757-200, it appears to be an international plane, with all the bed style first class seating. Therefore they lost a good 30-40 economy seats on an already full plane!!
I assume they rebooked on a first reserved basis, and since we booked in January to a nearly empty plane, we at least got seats.
But, we lost the Economy Plus seats we paid for, which they say will be refunded to the credit card. I had to rebook Economy Plus seats, only to find out they were $40 more costly! Will be talking to United Customer Service about that one!!!
At least we are booked, albeit on an overstuffed aircraft, and will arrive in Chicago in time for our flight to Syracuse to get home tonight…

Our Flight Track from Chicago to San Francisco

It may have taken us an extra couple hours to get out of Chicago, but we made good time me overall on the flight. Here is the map of out flight track from my phone via Google My Tracks

Created by Google My Tracks on Android

Travel Preparations Commence….

Well, for my faithful followers, it is once again time to start working on plans for Hawai’i Travels. We have booked our vacation package and associated airfare and accommodations in the San Francisco area for our trip this spring. We are departing on Tuesday, April 28th for two nights in San Francisco before heading to O’ahu on April 30th.

We will be staying at the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of O’ahu for 6 nights, then headed over to the Sheraton Kona Resort at Keauhou Bay, just south of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i for 7 nights.

We then return to San Francisco for two nights on May 13th, with our final flight back home on Friday, May 15th.