Our Island Travel Guides

Starting with our 2011 Hawaii trip, I started compiling information from various online sources and created our own personal guide books for our travels.  These guide books are island dependent, and the sources of information include the web sites listed in the Hawaii Tourism Links section at the bottom of every page of this blog and possibly a few others I do not remember.  The guides include at least one photo for each of the areas of interest discussed in the text.  If we have visited the area on a previous visit, I used our photos. Otherwise, I used photos downloaded from the web that appear to be public domain.

Starting with our 2013 trip, I have decided to share these guides with you as PDF files via the following links:

O’ahu: “The Heart of Hawai’i” Travel Guide (25 pages, 7.7 MB) (2015 Edition)

Hawai’i “The Big Island” Travel Guide (28 pages, 10.4 MB) (2015 Edition)

Kauai “The Garden Isle” Travel Guide (16 pages, 15.3 MB) (2013 Edition)

Maui “The Magic Isle” Travel Guide (19 pages, 6.6 MB) (2013 Edition)